How to Recover Delete Important Data Instantly?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Download

 Today, there is a recommended program that should be installed on the device. There are many people who accidentally delete important data and want to recover it. But they don't know what to do or how to recover it. Today, let's introduce restore important data Whether it's a drive that has been accidentally formatted, deleted completely, or if it's permanently deleted on Windows with Shift+Del, it can't be recovered in the trash. Supports multiple file formats It can be used with both normal HDD or SSD.

Many people have problems with recovering files that have been accidentally deleted or caused by various events. Until having to lose some important work files, more or less, for EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will answer the question as a helper in dealing with lost files. To return to the original quickly, easy to use, supports both Windows and MAC, can download and use the test as well.

Recover Deleted/Formated Files

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports data recovery on both normal internal HDD as well as external HDD connected to USB port or Card Reader completely. If anyone has problems with deleting files on memory card or flash drive, this program can help.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has a free version. Can be downloaded to use comfortably. But there is a limitation, which is 500MB of data recovery, so if you want to recover data in full then you have to buy and use it.

If we connect the USB port to the HDD or micro SD Card, the program will scan our drive. then select the drive that we want to recover files Usually, the most common file recovery is documents, videos, photos, but EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard has the ability to scan files. 

After selecting the scanned drive, press Scan. We will see the files many to meet which can choose to subdivide the desired files at all. Then select the desired drive, try to recover files to both flash drive and main HDD.

Once the file has been restored, Let's check the file, it's good. The file works normally. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard easy to use, convenient, fast, can recover a lot of files, deep, supports a lot of file formats. It supports both Windows and MAC OS.