Earn Money Online by Make Youtube Gaming Channel


How to Make Money from Youtube Gaming Channel?

YouTube is dividing all its video types into different categories so that there is the right interaction between YouTuber and Viewer. For this, YouTube has first created a separate platform for gaming. Where only gaming related videos are uploaded and watched. Today we will learn here that how do we create our Gaming Channel?

Gaming YouTubers have millions of subscribers in today's time and YouTube itself is giving more preference to gaming channels. In such a situation, anyone from the YouTube gaming platform who is fond of playing mobile or computer games. They can create videos by recording game play videos or live them directly on YouTube.

YouTube has been working on this for a long time and is making different platforms for all the video categories. So that the user does not have any problem in searching the video according to their wish and the creators can also get the right subscriber.

YouTube Gaming Platform

YouTube Gaming, a platform where all our favorite games can be found. Like Call of Duty, GTA etc. Google has made this platform especially for gamers and here anyone who is interested in gaming can create their own channel and upload live or on-demand videos.

If we are interested in gaming then we can start our own gaming channel and fulfill our gaming hobby. With this you can create social media followers and earn money too. Here we have shared some easy tips. With the help of which we can create our own gaming channel. With this we will also know how to earn money from YouTube.

Simple Ways YOU Can Make Money Gaming on YouTube

How to Create YouTube Gaming Channel?

YouTube in particular supports gaming a lot because it is a huge industry and millions of people are connected to it. 

Step 1: YouTube has created a separate platform for gaming and to access its platform we need to use this URL: https://www.youtube.com/gaming

Step 2: After visiting the gaming website, we have to click on Sign in and log in with our Gmail address.

Step 3: After signing, you have to click on the menu icon given on the top left corner and go to My Channel Choice.

Step 4: Here we will get our channel, if we want to change some setting in this channel. So we have to manage the channel by going to its parent account i.e. YouTube.com. Like changing channel name, uploading logo on channel etc.

Step 5: After creating channel we can upload direct video or create live streaming game play video.

If we create a YouTube Gaming Channel and want to earn money from it, then we can connect it to our Adsense Account in the same way. Like we add all our other accounts. That is, we can manage our channel from YouTube.com.