Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Mobile Phone

 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Phone's Battery Life 

Hello friends, if you also want that the battery of your mobile never gets damaged. No matter how old your mobile is. So the tips that I am going to tell you, you can follow them.

If you use any mobile which is recently available in the market, then your mobile battery will never get spoiled.

Important Battery Saving Tips - How to Increase Mobile

Get the Most Life from Your Device Battery

Avoid 3rd Party Source:

Meaning that you should not keep any such application in your mobile which is available from any website or from any other end, even if it is so important, you should take the application from Play Story Apps Store itself.

Charge on Time:

You may not find any logic for this, but I have experienced that mobiles which are charged when the battery goes below 20%, those mobiles face the problem of slow charging with time.

Do not Use Unwanted App:

Some people install many applications of the same type in their mobile, then you should keep the necessary apps to avoid doing this and if you feel that you are not using any application for a long time, then you can uninstall these apps from your mobile. Because such an application also uses your mobile battery in the background.

Stop Background App:

Although there is a direct impact on the mobile battery performance, the apps running in the background also have a direct effect and in today's era many applications  asks permission for background activities. You can give permission, this function has been done in recent Android changes.

Note: Bonus tip Never share you chargers, Somewhere there is a risk of your charger getting damaged and mobile slow charging due to bad charger, if you have any suggestion then comment us.