Download Alternative Apps of Tik-Tok

Download Alternative Apps of Tik-Tok 

Ever since Tiktok has been banned. Its users were very upset, who had followers in many millions. By the way, creators have to face a lot of problem. Many countries of the world have banned tiktok. We have brought for you some applications that have replaced tiktok. 

Which application used to replace Tiktok, then it is Triller. And the competitors of tiktok are Likee, Youtube shorts, Instagram Reels.

What do people of India use instead of tiktok? That is Mitron and Youtube Shorts. Triller is a similar application to Tiktok. The alternative of Tiktok App is non Chinese and Indian app. Mitron. 

Best Alternatives to TikTok You Should Know

Best TikTok Alternatives to Try Out Now


This is a social video platform. The first app to replace Tiktok is at the top. Triller is an entertainment platform which is a social video editing app. It has the same tiktok features as built-in music which has been created for creators. Flowless video editing can be done in this which can be uploaded in seconds. Whether you want to add remix music or add filters. This is an amazing application. In which you can show your creativity. If app asks which app is place in tiktok then Triller app is best.

Instagram Reels:

What is Instagram Reels This is a new way to make short and entertaining videos. You can invite your friends in this. You can share and make videos. In this you can create multiple videos of 15 sec. You can watch videos by swiping down. And you can create your own video. If the option of reel is not coming in your phone in instagram then you should update your app. After that try. To update, simply go to playstore and search instagram, update it from there.


Byte can also be a good Tiktok alternative. There is such an option in this too. But it has some limitations. This video app is for communities. You can use it if you want. 

Youtube  Shorts:

Recently Youtube has released its new update especially in India. In this you can make your own videos. But keep in mind that these videos are not monetized, meaning that it does not get any revenue. Yes, you can make videos on it for entertainment. And this will also increase the reach of your channel. To do this, simply you have to update the youtube app. If it still does not work in your phone, then there may be a problem of javascripte. For this you have to enable javascripte, you can google for this in your browser.


If you are from India and looking for a Swadeshi app then this application is the best. This app comes after youtube shorts in India as a non Chinese or tiktok alternative, you must try it. And do share your feedback. India's one and only short video app. In this you get funny and many options of Indian movies. Mitron is a free short videos and social platform. With the help of which you can make many creative videos.

If you want Tiktok alternative application, then you must try them once The best TikTok alternatives and TikTok apps for Android

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