TOP 10 Arcade Games for Android

 TOP 10 Arcade Games for Android

Arcade is the most common genre of games for mobile platforms. Most often, users want to get an interesting game with unloaded gameplay. At the same time, the concept of a genre can go far beyond the same type of mechanics and simple graphics. Hits such as Angry Birds, Subway Surfers or Cut The Rope have become classics of the genre, but the industry is developing, there are a lot of new ambitious developers and, as a result, original arcade games. Let's dwell on the most notable games of recent times, well appreciated by both users and critics.


A feature of the game is minimalistic graphics, as well as funny physics, which served as the appearance of the slogan "Touch the game." The point is to deliver small balls that fly out of the throwing apparatus, straight to special areas. The only thing the user can do is create an obstacle in the form of small bubbles by simply touching the display. Bounsy supports multi-touch up to two taps, so it will be possible to create two such objects to improve transportation.


The gameplay of this arcade game is as insane as its name suggests. This is a kind of runner, where, contrary to the established principles of the genre, the user will jump from huge skyscrapers, going on dangerous controlled flights with a series of obstacles. The point is to score as many points as possible. The game is original and interesting, has interesting graphics and convenient controls.


This game is the brainchild of Halfbrick, which managed to please users with such hits as Fruit Ninja and Jatpack Joyride. This time the studio has made a kind of synthesis of arcade and match-3 puzzles. The player will control a huge space snake that arrived on Earth with the aim of destroying all life. It is necessary to upgrade the creature by collecting the notorious blocks, combine objects, and, thereby, increase the already large snake in size. In addition to the original mechanics, Colossatron has impressive graphics and easy controls.

Mikey Hooks

The developers of this arcade game intend to make a whole series of games about a character named Mikey, who looks so much like the famous treasure hunter of the retro game Pitfall. The arcade took over from the famous platformer a feature in the form of pixel graphics and addictive gameplay. The user will have to control the character, cling to the elements of locations with a hook and collect various jewels. Around, of course, there will be a lot of all sorts of dangers and enemies.


A funny arcade about explosive cats will remind many of Angry Birds with its mechanics. Here you also have to run animals. Unlike the "birds", all the characters here have the ability to explode. This opportunity will be used to release imprisoned kittens. The arcade contains a huge number of levels and several characters with unique abilities. Despite the obvious associations with the famous hit, the gameplay here is unusual, and therefore very exciting.

Smash Hit

Actions of the atmospheric arcade game Smash Hit take place in a futuristic world flooded with neon lights and built of interesting geometric shapes and glass surfaces. The user will have to move around the locations and, with the help of simple balls, clear their way, along the way breaking valuable crystals. As with many arcade games, the goal is to score as many points as possible. However, the series of amazing labyrinths has an end, which will be very difficult to reach.

Battle Run 2

All runners have one significant drawback in the form of the monotony of the gameplay. Endless races in the same location with the same type of mechanics to score points quickly get bored. Battle Run 2, despite belonging to the genre, has nothing to do with competitors. The thing is that the races here will be held in multiplayer mode. In addition to the dexterity of control and the speed of the characters, a whole arsenal of weapons that are used against real players will be a decisive component for winning.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy

This novelty can also be classified as an extraordinary runner. At the center of the game is a crazy guy who is fighting against the invasion of an alien race on planet Earth. The character has a car and a lot of different weapons. Locations will change each other one by one, and the main character, against the backdrop of constant explosions, will continue to crush offenders over and over again, and then, at the ready with a shotgun, break into buildings, kill aliens and free the hostages.


The name of this logic arcade can be translated as "Be healthy!". The protagonist constantly sneezes and scatters green slime everywhere. The substance attracts dangerous creatures like a magnet, which allows our character to get rid of enemies in the most sophisticated ways. For example, it will be possible to lure another monster into a trap. The game has a slightly chaotic plot, amazing animation and unusual graphics. From level to level, new features appear, so the gameplay is unlikely to get bored.

Monument Valley

This arcade with logical stuffing came out not so long ago and immediately marked itself as a contender for one of the best games of this year. The developers have invested in the basis of Monument Valley the principles of geometric illusions. The user will not believe his eyes when interacting with the outside world. Ida, the girl at the center of the storyline, travels through a fantasy world that looks like the paintings of Escher Maurits Cornelis come to life. 10 unique levels are connected by the incredible architecture of buildings and one plot with a philosophical idea.