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 Android is regarded as the standard OS that is been developed and marketed by Google. Android is specially introduced in mobile market for Touchscreen mobile phones like Smartphones and Tablet computers. Android devices allows to store huge amount of data on their internal phone memory and the storage capacity of these Android phones can be extended by using external SD memory card. Though its highly enriched with great features, under some critical situations the data from these Android devices may be lost or get deleted.

Want to Restore Data from Android?

If yes, then you have landed at a very right place. By main use of data recovery software for Android i.e. Android data recovery tool you can retrieve Android data that is either deleted or lost from your Android driven phones. Most of the people after losing data, think that their data from Android phones is permanently gone and it cannot be restored back. This misconception is completely wrong. With the advent of various developing technologies, technical experts who are influenced in creating data recovery tools, has made data restoration from Android phone possible. Now you must be thinking how it is possible to recover data from Android? Actually, when you delete data, the operating system will only erase the index file and makes the data invisible to you. But, in reality, the data will be present on the same memory location until and unless it is replaced by other files. So, once you notice that you have lost data, then do not use the device to store new files. In case you haven't used your Android phone, then you can recover data from Android phones, by using services of data recovery Android tool.

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Causes for Data Loss from Android:

Virus Attack - Files often get corrupted because of virus or malware attacks, thus making them inaccessible. This might happen when the antivirus application is not updated, and you download some virus infected files from internet. Lost files might contain your precious pictures. So, if you lose your precious photos due to malware invasion then you can employ our data recovery software for Android that can also be used as android phone photo recovery.

Accidental Deletion- While deleting unwanted files from Android phone, you might accidentally delete some important files. And, you may also end up deleting your valuable data from Android by unknowingly pressing "Delete All" button that leads to data loss. Using this Android data recovery tool, you can effectively retrieve Android data just within few easy steps.

SD Card Corruption - SD card corruption can happen due to various reasons such as accumulation of junk data, virus invasion, malfunctioning of file system, etc. This may lead to inaccessibility of all the files stored in these storage devices thereby leading to loss of data. But, with the use of data recovery Android software, you can easily recover data from Android phone SD card after corruption.

Features of Android Data Recovery Tool:

Recover Deleted Pics from Android Gallery: Are you looking for a way to recover deleted pictures from Android Gallery? Then, don’t worry you can recover each and every picture file that has been deleted using Data Recovery Android tool.

Recover Data from Android Internal Storage: Have you lost important data from internal storage media of Android device? Then make use of Data Recovery Android app, and get back all the important data in few minutes.

How to Retrieve Deleted Songs from Android: If have mistakenly deleted your favorite songs from Android device, then don’t get bothered. Just make use of Data Recovery Android app and get all your deleted music files back on Android phone.

Smartphone File Recovery: In case your files have been lost from smartphone do not worry just make use of one of the best tool known as Data Recovery Android. It can get back lost files within a fraction of second.

How to Retrieve Deleted Videos on Android Phone: This data recovery android tool recovers deleted multimedia files from SD card on Android phone. It supported recovery of files on almost all Windows version.

How to Recover Formatted Android SD Card: For updated information regarding any SD card data loss scenarios such as accidental formatting, SD card corruption, etc. immediately employ this safe to use software. The software will facilitate you to get back SD card data like photo, audio, video, etc. from Android phone and tablets efficiently.

Tips to prevent file loss from Android devices

A regular updated backup of android files can do a world of good to data safety. Also, while removing the SD card from android devices or a card reader make sure it is done in an appropriate manner. Last but not the least, update the anti-virus application at regular intervals.