How to Clean up Computer to Run Faster in Windows 10?

How to Speed up Windows 10 Faster in Computer?

 Don't forget your computer when you do spring cleaning of all your stuff. From software to hardware, there are easy ways to tidy up your Windows 10 laptop or desktop and run it on top.

Uninstall Apps that you do not use

This advice may seem obvious, but it's a good place to start. Many applications that you install add startup programs or background system services that make your computer start up more and use background resources. It's good to use these apps and find them useful, but it's easy to install a lot of apps and not use them at all. To clean things up, uninstall apps that you don't use.

Remove Browser extensions you don't need

Browser extensions are similar to applications. It's easy to install a lot of them and not use them. However, browser extensions can slow down web browsing, and most have access to whatever you do in your browser. This puts them at risk of security and privacy, especially if they are created by a company or someone you don't trust.

Adjust Startup Programs

We recommend that you uninstall programs that you do not need and do not use. But sometimes you may want to leave a program installed, but prevent it from launching at startup. Then you can launch the program only when you need it. It can speed up your startup process and clean your system tray or system tray.

Organize Desktop & Files

Spring cleaning doesn't just mean your computer runs faster. It's also about making you use it faster. If you have a properly organized file structure, it will be easier to find the files you need without the files you don't need.

Clean the Taskbar and Start menu

While you're at it, consider cutting or rearranging taskbar icons. If the taskbar is full of icons for the applications you don't need, remove them by right-clicking them and selecting "Unpin from the taskbar." Rearrange them by dragging and dropping them to reposition them anywhere on the taskbar.

Store your Browser and Bookmarks

You probably spend a lot of time in your computer's web browser. If you use its bookmarking feature, we recommend that you take the time to rearrange your bookmarks in a logical way.

Run Disk Cleanup to free up space

If you want to clean up some temporary files and free up disk space, try using the Windows Built-in Disk Cleanup Tool. In Windows 10, open the Start menu, search for "Disk Cleanup" using the search box, and click "Clean Disk" to launch it. Click the "Clean System Files" button to make sure you're cleaning both Windows user account files and system-level files.

Clean the Keyboard, Monitor

Dust inside your computer can affect performance and cooling. But there is probably dust elsewhere: on the computer monitor screen, between the keys on the keyboard, and more.

Tips to improve PC performance in Windows 10

Some Other Tips :-

Restart the device

Disable startup applications

Disable application relaunch on startup

Disable background applications

Uninstall non-essential applications

Only install quality applications

Clean the hard disk space

Use unit defragmentation

Set up ReadyBoost

Scan for malware

Install the latest update

Switch to the high-performance power plan

Disable system visual effects

Disable search indexing

Increase the page file size

Restore previous working state

Repair Windows configuration files

Reset the device to factory defaults

Switch to a faster drive

Update system memory