Things To Do After Buying New Android Device

   Buying a new phone is definitely a joyous moment in everyone's life. Here are some things to look for when selecting a new phone: Let's find out the details about what to do after buying a new Android phone. 

Check the phone box

After purchasing the phone, unbox and check the box provided with the Android phone. You may ask, you must unbox after buying the phone, but we are asking why. This is because most of the time the rest of the content is not checked out of the phone and charger box.

Most of the time a silicone cover is provided in the phone box. Tempered glass is also provided in many phone boxes. Warranty cards, SIM ejection tools, etc. can be found in the box of the current smartphone. So it is very foolish not to check the box after buying a new phone.

Check the warranty

Every smartphone brand in the country offers a warranty when it comes to buying an official smartphone. Even if you buy an unofficial phone, don't forget to understand any kind of warranty or security. The warranty provides extra financial security for your phone, so the warranty should not be taken lightly.

Use phone case

After buying a new phone, almost everyone aims to keep the phone safe and use it for a long time. Use the case on the new phone to make sure that the phone does not get lost in any day in normal use so as not to cause any unwanted damage to the phone.

To protect the phone and maintain the beauty of the phone, do not forget to buy a strong and beautiful looking case when buying a new phone. A screen protector should also be fitted so that the screen is protected even if the phone falls out of hand.

Choose a phone case that can better protect the corners and back of the phone, etc. A good case will protect your phone from scratches and injuries. Even if the phone falls out of hand, the phone case will prevent serious injuries. With this unique case it is quite easy to differentiate the phone from other phones.

Add Password Security

Everyone wants to ensure the protection of personal data and files on the phone. No one wants to give anyone a chance to see private chat in particular. So to ensure the security of the phone, the phone should use biometric or any common lock screen method.

Screen lock can be set quite easily on any Android phone. Patterns, PINs or passwords can be used as screen locks. However, to use Face Unlock or Fingerprint Lock, pattern, PIN or password must be set.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Most of the phones now have a lot of useful and useless apps already installed, these apps are called bloatware. So after buying the phone, you must uninstall the bloatware apps. Find the app list menu from phone settings. From there, you can easily delete unnecessary apps from the new smartphone. The app drawer of the phone is emptied as well as the storage is emptied when the bloatware is removed. However, some apps cannot be completely deleted, only disabled.

First things to do with your new Android phone

Set up a Google Account

Most of the features of Android phones depend on Google services. And Google account is required to use Google service. So it is very important to add a Google account after buying a new Android phone . Login to Google Account is mandatory to use the core functions of Android starting from Google Assistant.

After launching or resetting the Android phone for the first time, you are asked to login to the Google account of the phone. If you skipped the login to Google Account in that step, you should login to Google Account.

There are several ways to add a Google Account to any phone. After entering the phone settings, select Add Account from the Account section, you can easily login to Google Account in a few steps.

Turn on Find My Device

It is very difficult to find a new phone if it is lost. With this in mind, the "Find My Device" feature has been kept in Android. If you turn on this feature, you will know the location of the lost or not found Android phone in a moment. Everyone should use this feature to ensure maximum security of the device. In a dedicated post about Find My Device, you will learn more about the features and usage rules of the feature.

Add contacts

Adding all the useful phone numbers i.e. contacts to the new Android phone is a huge issue. If you already have a backup of phone numbers in your Google Account, you can easily bring all your phone numbers to the new device by logging in to your Google Account. And if the number is saved in the SIM, then the numbers will come to the new phone. Contacts can also be transferred from other phones using different apps.

Set up the backup

The convenience of backing up on a smartphone is not taken seriously. However, regular backups are needed to ensure the security of personal data on the phone. Contacts, phone logs, SMS, app and app data are not deleted with a phone reset or for any unwanted reason, so it is very important to back up the smartphone. You can find out more about Android Phone Backup in a dedicated post.

Install the necessary apps

If you back up the previous device and restore the backup data, all the previously used apps will already be on the phone. However, if there is no backup, then the necessary apps should be installed manually on the new phone. You already know how to delete unnecessary apps.

Adjust notification settings

After purchasing a new phone and installing any app, it is normal for the phone's notification center to be filled with notifications for that app. So after buying a new phone, it is very important to adjust the notification settings of the phone properly. 

Turn off notifications for apps that do not require notification. Your smartphone usage experience depends heavily on the phone's notification settings, so don't underestimate this step.