How to Restore Deleted Contacts on Android? - Recover Deleted Contacts in Phone


 How to Recover Deleted Contacts From Your Android Phone

In modern society, smartphones have become an indispensable tool for people. Even if the phone book of the Android smartphone disappears, it will be a big deal. This is because you lose the contact information of loved once and friends. What if the important contacts and phone book saved on your Android smartphone suddenly disappear? If you are having trouble restoring your smartphone phone-book, please refer to this article. 

Restore Phone book from the built-in Cloud function of Android smartphone

You can also use the Cloud feature built into your Android phone to restore deleted contacts. Most Android smartphones have a standard function to back up information such as contacts to the cloud.

The method of restoration differs depending on the model and manufacturer. The general method is to go to the cloud of the settings app and select a contact. If you select Restore data, the information will be downloaded from the cloud to your smartphone and restored.

To use this method, you must have previously set up to back up your data to the cloud.

Export, back up, or restore contacts - Android

Restore Phone book from Google Contacts app

Many people have a Google account and store their phone book (address book) in the Google cloud.

In such cases, you can restore the phonebook from Google Contacts.

Step 1=> Enter the "Settings" app on your smartphone. Scroll down and tap the option called "Google".

Step 2=> Tap "Setup and Restore" on the account management screen. Select "Restore Contacts" on the next screen.

Step 3=> On the Contact Restore screen, you need to select which device you want to restore the contact book from. 

Step 4=> then tap "Restore" to restore the phonebook from Google to your Android phone.

Get Back Lost Contacts with Recovery Software

How can a person who has no information on the SIM card or has not set up backup settings to recover the data? You must meet certain conditions to recover contacts lost by the above method. Therefore, there are some situations that cannot be restored. In such a case, try using software. You can restore contacts and call history information on your Android smartphone. A stronger data detection software, not only can you recover lost contacts, but also recover data such as photos, music, videos, etc. You can easily restore lost contacts, music and other data from not only Android smartphones but also SD cards. To recover the disappeared phonebook from Android, you need the data recovery software. Easily restore lost phonebook from Android device without backup. After getting root privileges, there is a good chance that you can scan your entire phone and get back lost data and files. To recover lost data from Android, you need a professional Android recovery tool. 

Final Words: These are some rescue methods when Android contacts disappear. Use the appropriate method if necessary. There is a high possibility that data lost over time will be overwritten. If you like this post, then do comments below and share with your friends and also on social media.