Ways How to Run Android Apps on Your PC / Laptop

 How to Run Android Apps on Your Windows PC

Nowadays everyone has one or more Android phones in their pocket. And there are millions of apps in the Android Play Store. Every day we use those apps. Many customers dream of running all these Android apps on the computer. But running a separate operating system on the computer does not make it possible to run the Android app.

However, running an Android app on a computer is not an impossible task. You can also run the Android app on any desktop computer with the 'App Runtime for Chrome (ARC) project' in the Chrome browser. Initially limited to developers, now anyone can download this app and run Android app on computer. Let's see how to run Android app in Chrome browser.

How to Run Android Apps in your PC
What you need to know at the outset:

  • An app can be loaded simultaneously.
  • Depending on the app, you need to select the layout of that app (portrait or landscape).
  • Customers need to know whether they want to run the app in phone or tablet mode.
  • Customers must use the latest Chrome browser.
  • This tool supports Android 4.4 version. So the app that you install will have to support Android 4.4 version.

Run the Android app on the desktop computer by following the procedure below:

Step 1 Open the Chrome browser from the computer.

Step 2 Search ARC Welder from the extension.

Step 3 Install this extension and click on the 'Launch app' button.

Step 4 Now download the APK file of the Android app that you want to run on the computer.

Step 5 Select the downloaded APK file by clicking on the 'Choose' button inside the extension.

Step 6 Select Orientation and Form Factor from app settings.

Step 6 Now, if you click on the 'Test' button, the Android app will start running on the computer.

Keep in mind that this tool can be a problem to run all Android apps on the computer at once. In that case you can try changing the orientation and form factor.