Basic Tags of Html | What is Html Tags | Use of HTML Tags

 Basic Tags of Html | What is Html Tags

Introduction to HTML Tags

An HTML file is a combination of tags and text. HTML tags are also called HTML elements.  If you understand the concept of tags, then you can understand HTML easily. Because HTML works entirely through tags. 

Initially, when HTML was designed, it was used only to display text in webpages.
 At that time HTML was very limited and had only a few tags. 
The process of displaying text in webpages by HTML tags was called marking the text. 
This was the reason that HTML was called text markup language. 

HTML was so simple and effective that  it quickly became popular and many people started using it. Gradually, as soon as HTML became popular, the requirement of showing different elements in webpages  increased. HTML is no longer just a text markup language. 

Now you can insert many types of elements like lists, tables images, audio, video, graphics etc. in webpages through HTML. Elements (lists, tables, images, videos etc.) are inserted in any webpage only by HTML tags.  Whatever you want to add to the webpage, it will be added by the tags itself. For this HTML provides you many tags.

Basic Tags of Html - What is Html Tags - Use of HTML Tags

All these tags are familiar to the interpreter.

Interpreter is a program which is in all web browsers. 
This program identifies HTML tags and understanding their meaning shows the corresponding text, images, list and tables etc. in the web page. Basically with tags, you tell the interpreter what you want to display in the webpage.  For example, if you want to add an image to the webpage, then for this you will define the <img> tag in your HTML file. You can understand the purpose of most HTML tags only by their names. For example, the <table> tag is used to insert a table in a webpage. As soon as you start using them, you easily remember what a particular tag is used for. 

Types of HTML Tags

There are many types of tags available in HTML. Some tags are used to format text and some are used 
to insert multimedia elements such as images, audio, video etc. Some tags of HTML are used to create structures such as tables, sections and lists etc.  Some tags also work like containers, inside which other tags are defined which are its sub tags.

Basic Tags

Basic tags are those tags which are compulsorily used in all HTML documents.
 These tags define the core structure of an HTML document. The list of basic tags of HTML is given below.
<html> - This tag defines an HTML file. Every HTML file starts with this tag. 
<head> - In this tag the scripts and styles related to the webpage are defined. 
<title> - This tag defines the title of the webpage. 
<body> , in this tag all other tags and content of the webpage are put

Syntax of HTML Tags

Generally there are 3 parts of HTML tag. The opening tag is put at the beginning.
 This lets the interpreter know what you are about to do.
 After the opening tag, the text is written on which this tag is being applied. 
After this the closing tag is written. Closing tag tells the interpreter that this tag was used till now.  To differentiate the closing tag from the opening tag, a forward slash is used in the closing tag.