What is the Difference Between Browser and Search Engine?

 In this post we decided that today we will tell you the difference between a browser and a search engine. Because there is no such thing as a shock that people are not able to differentiate them quickly because they seem to be similar. There is a misconception in the minds of many people that Browser and Search Engine are the same, so let me make one thing clear to all of you here that both Web Browser and Search Engine are different things.

Difference between Browser and Search Engine

What is the Browser?

A browser is a software program that is installed on the computer. If we talk about the browser, then there are many browsers in the market such as: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Browser is used to access website and web page. In this, any user can comfortably access any website or web-page. In simple language, it is the interface between the client and the server.

What is Search Engine?

Search engine is also a type of software program that after entering any keyword by the user, searches the document and presents it as a result. The job of the search engine is that when the user enters any keyword, then read it and present the list of all the results related to that keyword in front of the user. For example, if we talk about a search engine, then Google, Yahoo and Bing etc. are one of the famous search engines.

What is the difference between browser and search engine?

Browser and Search Engine Both browser and search engine are software programs in which the browser is installed in the computer and it is not necessary to install the search engine in the computer.

Browser and Search Engine Both the browser and the search engine run through the Internet.

Browser and Search Engine Browser is a type of interface between the client and the server while the search engine is the interface between the client and the webpages.

Browser and Search Engine You can access the search engine through the browser whereas you cannot access the browser directly through the search engine.

Browser and Search Engine Example: On Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla etc., you can open the search engine and access it by entering the URL of the search engine.

Browser and Search Engine When you enter a keyword on the search engine, the indexer reads it and indexes the results related to all the keywords and shows them as results.

Browser and Search Engine Through the browser, we access the website and web page, while through the search engine we get the results related to a particular keyword.

Browser and Search Engine Browser: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. Search Engine: Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Browser and Search Engine Internet is required to run the browser whereas both the Internet and the browser are necessary to run the search engine.

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