Solution of Slow Wi-Fi Problems - Special Tips & Tricks

 If you are troubled by slow Wi-Fi, then these special tips will be very useful for you

Ever since the corona pandemic has come, many companies have given their employees the facility to work from home. Although now the cases of corona in the country have come down to a great extent, many people are going to office, but still many people are working from home. Since good speed internet facility is available in offices, but those working from home are feeling some problem in the matter of internet. Many people have taken Wi-Fi, but due to its slow running, they are upset and it is affecting their work. Due to slow internet, we are facing many problems in working. If you are also troubled by slow Wi-Fi, then we are going to tell you some special tips, with the help of which you can increase the speed of Wi-Fi to a great extent.

Solution of Slow Wi-Fi Problems - Special Tips & Tricks

Many times it happens that people make their Wi-Fi password very simple and its disadvantage is that many other people around also start using your own Wi-Fi network, due to which the speed is very slow. It becomes That's why it's important that you set a strong password so that other people can't use it. 

Not placing the Wi-Fi router in the right place or placing it behind an item also reduces the speed of the net. Therefore, whenever you keep the router, take special care that there should not be much stuff around it. 

Often many people put the Wi-Fi router on the ground or floor. This greatly affects the speed of the net. Therefore, to increase the speed of Wi-Fi, it is important not to keep the router on the ground. 

Generally, many people are not aware that what is the function of the antenna installed on the Wi-Fi router. Actually, by adjusting it, you can improve the signal of the net. Sometimes the antennas are tilted, due to which the speed of the net also decreases. So keep in mind that the antenna should stand upright.