How to Change Your Router Wi-Fi Password?

 How to Change Your Router Wi-Fi Password

We save our Wi-Fi passwords on our Smartphones, Smart TVs and many other devices. Most of them are saved on the cloud. Therefore, keeping in mind the security and privacy, we should keep changing our Wi-Fi password from time to time. If you don't know how to change or update your Wi-Fi password, don't worry. Here we are telling you how to change or update your password.

There are some things that users should be aware of before changing the password. Now you will ask what are those things? So let's find out...

1. First of all, you should know your router brand name and model name.

2 . You should also know the URL for the router's configuration portal.

3. The login ID and password for the configuration portal should also be known.

4. You must have a laptop or a mobile phone with the same Wi-Fi connection or LAN cable to which the router is to be connected.

How to Change Your Router Wi-Fi Password

Follow these steps...

1. First of all open the browser on your smartphone or laptop.

2. After this, in the address bar, type the URL of the configuration portal and press.

3. Now enter router name and password to login.

4. After that go to Wireless Security option.

5. After clicking on the Wireless Security option, go to PSK Passphrase and type your password.

6. Now click on 'Save' button and reboot the router.

Setting a simple weak password increases the chances of it being hacked. Hackers can access the data connection by knowing your password by 'hit and trial' method or by guessing it. Here we are telling you how you can choose a secure password for your hotspot . So let's know what to do to choose a secure password.

1. Always choose alphanumeric (letters and numbers) passwords.

2. Avoid choosing passwords that are easy to guess. 

3. You can make your password a little more complex by using special characters.