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What is Hosting & How to buy hosting?

Whether you are new or old in the field of blogging, you will need a good hosting for your blog. So if you are already in the blogging field, then maybe you must know how to buy hosting and from where? At the same time, it is a very difficult task for new bloggers to choose the right hosting plans. Many web companies offer hosting service online on the Internet. Which provide different service. You can earn money from your website, but you have to buy domain name and web-hosting.

Today I am going to provide you detailed information about Web Hosting. Because most of you will be planning to make your business online, or some people will be going to step into the world of professional blogging. Therefore, before buying hosting, definitely take an expert opinion about it and read the reviews of those who have used that hosting. Many times you make another mistake, from the service provider from which you buy the domain, you also buy hosting from there.

To run a website, it is necessary to have the right knowledge of it. Those who are learning to blogging or blogging is new to them, they do not have much information about hosting plans. Web hosting is an online service that allows publishers to publish their website content on the Internet. 

Types of Web Hosting

There are many types of hosting. So that unnecessary money is not wasted and you can buy according to your need, then let's know a little about this subject too, so that your doubts can be cleared. If you are starting a new website, then buying Shared Hosting would be fine.

Shared Hosting ↴
Shared hosting is perfect for entry-level website hosting. Since this is Shared Hosting, so along with your website, other websites are also hosted here.

Dedicated Hosting ↴
In dedicated hosting, website owners have more control over the server of their website. This is because this server is rented exclusively for your website only.

VPS Hosting ↴
VPS hosting plan is the ultimate middle level hosting between a shared server and a dedicated server. It is ideal for those website owners who need more control, but they do not need a dedicated server of any kind.

Cloud Hosting ↴
Cloud hosting is very popular in the present era. Talking about its web hosting, then many computers are working together in it, while they are running the application, that too through combined computing resources.

How to Buy Web Hosting?

There are many companies that provide you good hosting. You can buy hosting from these companies. The page load speed of your blog depends on your hosting and it is also a ranking factor in Google. That's why it is very important to use good hosting. Web hosting companies also provide the service of backup of the website because sometimes the data of your site gets damaged then you can get it again. Web hosting is needed to store website data. Web hosting is like a memory card in which we can host the data of our website. Web hosting is very important to keep the website secure.

Keep these things in mind while buying hosting
Whenever you go to any website to buy hosting, you get to see many types of plans there. 

Disk Space:  It is the storage capacity of web-hosting. Generally 10GB of disk space is enough for a new blog, but if possible, you can buy unmetered or unlimited hosting plan.

Bandwidth:  When a visitor accesses your website, your server uses some data/memory to share that information, it is called bandwidth. How much bandwidth will be used by your server every month depends on your page size, visitors, page views.

SSL Certificate:  Nowadays almost all hosting companies are giving you SSL certificate for free. Along with keeping your blog secure, it is also a Google ranking factor.

24 * 7 Support: Due to hosting, many times there are problems in your site, due to which company support is very important for you to resolve.

Uptime: The  amount of time your website stays online is called Uptime. Sometimes due to some reason your server goes down and your visitors are not able to access your site, it is called Downtime.