Top 10 Google Ranking Factors - SEO Ranking Factor

 You Need to Know 10 Ranking Factors of SEO

Today we will know the top ranking factors of Google in this blog post. With the help of which you can bring your website to a good rank on SERP. These are all the top Google ranking factors mentioned above, about which we will know in detail in this post. You already know that SEO is the most important thing to rank any site. 

On-Page SEO Ranking Factors
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1. Https (SSL Certificate)

This is the first and most important ranking factor of Google. That your site should be secure. You need an SSL certificate to make your site https.

2. Content Quality

The content of your site should be of high quality in order to rank high in Google. This is good for both Google and the user.

3. Backlinks

Only On-Page SEO is not enough to rank a site on Google. Off page SEO is also necessary for you to bring your site on Google's SERP. The most important of which is to build backlinks.

4. Website speed

Whenever Google ranks a site, it first sees the speed of that site. If your website loads quickly on both computer and mobile, then your site also comes in Google ranking factors.

5. Image Optimization

To get rank for any website, even very small things matter. Like all the images you are using on your webpages. Whether you have used Alt Tag in all of them or not.

6. SEO Friendly URLs

We often use all the methods that are mainly mentioned to get our site on the ranking. But we forget some little things. which are extremely important. And one of them is your URL which should be SEO wise.

7. Keyword in Title

Title is the most important part of your SEO which you call title tag. The title is what your user sees first. And it is visible only on SERPs and not in you.

8. Responsive Design

Make your website design responsive. That is, whenever your site goes from largest to smallest size, all its data should be shown accordingly.

9. Internal links

Linking webpages on your site to other pages on your site. This passes link juice to each other page of your site. So that the SEO score of your site is good.

10. Social links

Social media is one of the best ways to get good backlinks for any of your webpages. From here you get good high quality links. And social links bring organic traffic to your website.