List of Dofollow Directory Submission Sites for SEO

Top High DA Free Directory Submission Sites List

 Directories are large databases, containing a large number of websites segregated based on their categories and subcategories. There are always paid and free directories, some of them take general websites and others accept only one web page or one post. Backlinks are kind of the backbone of a website, to get good rankings and traffic. Having SEO-friendly backlinks is a must for any website, and getting them is the first thing any SEO expert does. Directory submission is the off-page technique to look at, to get quality dofollow backlinks.

Directory submission is one of the popular link building techniques and is therefore part of SEO. Simply relying on single link building never significantly helps you boost a website's SEO or ranking. Directories are the type of sites that store business information. Doing this on a regular basis will improve your domain authority and will be able to get traffic from Google. To achieve the ultimate goal of driving organic website traffic, you need to significantly improve your search engine rankings. For which, a remarkable number of authority backlinks are required pointing to your blog or website. It can be achieved by generating tracking backlinks using updated dofollow directory submission sites.

Free Directory Submission Sites List

Although direct directory submission is a traditional link building technique, it is also one of the most effective. In particular, there are also instant approval directory submission sites. You should take advantage of it to generate as many backlinks as your domain needs. Directory submission sites not only help you improve your search engine rankings, they can also improve your domain authority. There is no doubt that directory submission sites will be more useful for creating backlinks. You have to be more careful about the quality of the backlinks. In fact, search engines will give weight to these authorized backlinks. In particular, dofollow business directory listing or dofollow directory submission site list with high Alexa rank and page rank.

Backlinks are always very important and essential for websites to rank well, but they always count on the quality of the links rather than the number. SEO experts always think twice about directory submissions after Penguin update, they are believed to be spam, but when done safely there is a great foundation for your website to provide the do follow back-links. Directory submission is basically the procedure of submitting or listing your website in the apt subcategory of a directory. Directory submission can be done safely by following certain steps; And the first step is to submit the website in the correct and most relevant subcategory. It completely depends on your SEO strategy. Directory submission can still be effective. Never use different tools that automatically send a huge number of such links. By doing this, your website becomes increasingly suspicious in the eyes of Google.

The back link is always essential for blogs / websites, but it becomes more essential if you do it properly and safely. Directories are often overlooked and believed to be spam, but if done safely these are excellent untapped sources of do-follow back-links for more exposure for your blog. Google makes every effort to eliminate duplicate content on the web and penalize excessive Black Hat backlinks . Also, there will be a finite number of high-quality directories for us to submit our site to, so it's best to write great content and share it.